Welcome to Daydream's vintage collection. You can purchase many of the items pictured below under our Shop Tab under Vintage Apparel. Here, we'd like to share some information with you about our collection's inspiration and goals. We hope you enjoy!

If we had to summarize the feeling of our summer collection in a single sentence it'd probably go something like this: Suppose Frida Kahlo and Jane Birkin were best friends and they decided to plan a vacation to Mexico where they'd hang out on the costal oasis of Zihuatanejo sipping Aperol spritz and sailing around from boat to boat meeting new friends.  We made an effort to select materials that reflect an organic, cooling feeling such as cotton, linen, light chambray, or denim. The color story attempts to be equivalently refreshing with summer whites, taupes, many shades of blue, and pops of peach.

Some folks might be wondering why we decided to curate a vintage collection rather than design a new clothing line. There are so many reasons why vintage is a better option. First off, all vintage pieces are diversely individualistic in nature. Each piece is one-of-a-kind even if it was originally mass produced, each piece has lived a completely different and separate life. Each piece's individuality is a reflection of the garment's previous owners lifestyle and carries a history that gets to be lived on and hopefully passed along to someone else down the road. These garments' integrity withstand the test of time as they were generally produced at a higher quality decades ago in comparison to today's production standards. Last and surely the most important reason to choose vintage is it's low environmental impact. Clothing is one of the most commonly found items in landfills across the US. Rather than taking up space in a landfill, you're bringing new life into these items that could've been trash. These items are already produced meaning we don't need to use any of the earth's scarce natural resources to grow cotton for the textiles or even need to worry about the ethics behind the labor being employed to produce the garments.  

Each of our vintage collections will follow a similar seasonal structure. We'll release each forthcoming season in line with each solstice or equinox. If there happen to be any remaining garments from the previous collection, these items will be auctioned off one by one. A portion of the proceeds from each auctioned item will be donated to an organization of our choice. 

We'd like to give a very special thank you to Rae Pich, the talented photographer who captured all the beautiful images below. In addition, we would like to thank our beautiful models and friends of Daydream who hung out for the shoot: Emma Liegler, Sophie Schwarcenbach, and Dan Fowlie.