Becca Kennelly Riso Print Show

Becca Kennelly Riso Print Show

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Rebecca Kennelly is a multimedia artist and founder of Daydream Surf Shop. This show is a snapshot behind the scenes of her quilt patterns creations for various applications at Daydream, most notably her Quilt Towels. This show is all printed using a risograph printer, an automated screen printing device that was developed in Japan in the early 1980’s. Each risograph print turns out slightly different due to the way the screen print registers when each color is printed on top of one another. This adds an element of chance and uniqueness to the individuality of each pattern akin to the making of a physical quilt as they often have miniature imperfections that make each one unique. In addition to the quilt prints, Rebecca has a coffee table displaying some of her favorite inspiration quilting books that span across the 1800’s through to today. Before starting Daydream, Rebecca studied Design and Fine art at the University of San Francisco and worked in interior design and event design.

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