Become a member of the Daydream Research Center and begin experimenting with a diverse quiver of quality surfboards. Sign up in store or online by selecting one of the Daydream Research Center Memberships: Day Pass, Monthly Membership, Extended Membership.

Shapers We Currently Work With:

Alex Knost, Brown Microwave Television, Andreini, Arenal, Barrett Miller, Campbell Brothers, Daily Shred, Dash, Dead Kooks, Deepest Reaches, Gato Heroi, Gordon Smith, Grote, Jive, Liddle, Mystic Hulls, Rick Surfboards, Ryan Burch, Ryan Lovelace, Somma Special Designs, Son of Cobra, Spacetime, stpnk, Surfboards Australia, Trimcraft, Elmore, Tyler Warren

About Our Memberships:

Day Pass Membership - Grab a sled from one of the best shapers on the planet, surf it for up to 24 hours, then bring it back.

Monthly Membership - Monthly Members of the Daydream Research Center will receive unlimited access to all boards, fins, reservation priority, and can hold boards for up to 3 days at a time. 

Extended Membership - Extended Members have the same benefits as Monthly Members but can hold boards for up to 7 days.