Espresso + Brewed Coffee

Espresso $3.5 | Americano $3.5 | Macchiato $4 | Cortado $4 | Cappuccino $4.5 | Latte $5 | Mocha $6

Hot Coffee $3.5 | Iced Coffee $5

Specialty Beverages

One + Fun $6 | Rose Cardamom Latte $6 | Espresso Float $6 | Sparkling Lavender Lemonade $5 | Oolong Tea Latte $6

Seasonal Beverages

Strawberry Matcha $7 | Raspberry Mocha $6.50 | Shirley $6

Leaves & Flowers Botanical Infusions

Chai Latte $6 | Matcha Latte $6

Batch Iced Tea | $5

Loose Leaf Teas / available hot or iced upon request.

Hot $4 | Iced: $5

Earl Grey, Yin Hao Jasmine, Green Twist, Sencha, Sea Cloud, Golden Horse, Warm Wind, Deep Breakfast, Tropic Garden*, Mintha*, Ikebana*

(caffeine free*)

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Hours: 7am-3pm daily

NEW! Breakfast Burrito* $14

NEW! Breakfast Sandwich* $13

Avocado Toast $10

Berry Burrata Toast $12

Toast & Jam $6

Veggie Bagel $12

Trout Bagel $15

Chia Overnight Oats $6

Seasonal Granola Bowl $8

* Available on weekends only

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Sandwiches: Jambon-Beurre $10 | Turkey Apple Baguette $10 | Italian Baguette $10

Bites: Granola Parfait $8 | Overnight Oats $6

Boil + Bake Bagels: Plain $3 | Everything $3 (cream cheese +$2, butter +$1, jam +$1.5)

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MON / Goodtown Doughnuts + Blackmarket Bakery

TUES / Blackmarket Bakery + Rye Goods

WED / Goodtown Doughnuts + Blackmarket Bakery

THURS / Blackmarket Bakery + Rye Goods

FRI / Goodtown Doughnuts + Rye Goods

SAT + SUN / Black Market Bakery + Rye Goods + Rye Goods bread loaves

Featured Beverage

Raspberry Mocha

dark chocolate + espresso + raspberry + raspberry dust

Goodtown Doughnuts

Located at The Lab, Goodtown has been bringing the best vegan and brioche doughnuts to Costa Mesa. Available at the shop Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays only!

Try our new Calypso Blend!

Collaboration with True Love Coffee - a medium bodied, juicy blend of Natural Ethioptian and Washed Guatemalan coffees

Daydream Calypso blend

Now serving Boil & Bake bagels!

Come grab one of the best bagels in town, served daily until sold out.

Avocado Toast

Toasted pain de champagne bread, avocado, chives, lemon zest, pickled onion & flaky salt

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Leaves & Flowers Botanicals and Teas

Come sip on something nice! Leaves & Flowers is known for being ethically sourced and sustainably harvested, with reverence to the land and farmer.

Grab. And GO!

On the go? Come grab a taste of Daydream with our new Grab & Go case. We have sandwiches, snack bowls and more to get you through your day!

Shop Costa Mesa Ceramics x Daydream mugs!

We collaborated with Costa Mesa Ceramics so you can have the mugs we use on our coffee bar in your home!


Come visit us!

We have free wifi if you need a space to get some work done. We are now located at 864 W 16th Street, right down the street from our original location.