Surf & Sidewalk

Surf & Sidewalk

A Fundraiser Event for Circles 2/3/24

Saturday, February 3rd from 6:30-10pm, join us for a night of film, culture and conversation at Daydream. Live music by film contributors and bands Bondo & PLOVVER, raffle prizes, silent auction, adult bevs, trailer screening and Q&A discussion around filming, process and importance of keeping analog film alive. Event proceeds will help with finishing and licensing costs for Circles as well as a portion of proceeds to Rolling from the Heart Foundation. Tickets are $30 dollars and come with one free drink.
Five years ago, Dana Shaw began collecting clips on a donated Bolex 16mm camera. What started as a fragmented series of childhood dreams, chasing waves and digging out irrigation trenches with his homies, developed into a feature 16mm film including old friends and new… “Circles - An Ode To Shredding” was born!

This project as well as the communities and people that inspired it are sacred to Dana. His goal has been to make the film 100% grass roots, without any brand involvement or investors to keep true to the vision and ethos. That vision has come to fruition. Circles is at 90% completion with no funding and only favors from special buds like Origins Archival who helped making a purely 16mm film possible. Kyle Kennelly was the first person he pointed that camera at, while Greg Weaver yelled "Bolex, Rex 4... Pull the trigger, count to 10, then move on to the next wave rider.", in the background as Dana loaded it with a roll at the Blackies lot in Newport. From there it snowballed, more people got involved and every session the camera got pulled out was like reliving each one of those fragmented dreams in deja vu.

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