San O Surf & Turf

San O Surf & Turf

Board Demo and Burgers

Description: What's better than spending an afternoon surfing with friends and grilling burgers? Maybe adding 40 surfboards to demo on the side? Here's a little glimpse into one of our recent demo days ~ the Daydream Surf & Turf Demo at San O. We had the joy of providing a spread of surfboards from Somma Special Designs, Jive, and Jesse Guglielmana for all to share!
Chef Travis Hayden held down the turf side of the equation with a high octane grill that wafted the beautiful aroma of hamburgers through our enchanted surfboard forest for all to enjoy. Many fun waves were shared amongst the demo goers and shapers alike.
Surfboard demos are a great place for folks to mingle and share in the simple pleasure of surfing together. Hope you can catch the next one!

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