Matt Allen- "You Are Right Where You Belong"

Matt Allen- "You Are Right Where You Belong"


On Sunday November 19th 'You Are Right Where You Belong', an experiential art installation by former Surfer Magazine art director Matthew Allen, had it's opening exhibition in our art gallery. A multidisciplinary artist, Matthew's work is guided by concepts rather than style or medium. Influenced by Rick Rubin's call to make art that we are uncomfortable making, much of the work for this show reflects a transition from disillusionment, to acceptance, and ultimately, joy.

A great deal of the art in the show can only be fully experienced in person, including an openly collaborative piece that all are invited to contribute to.

You Are Right Where You Belong also includes a zine, animated flip book, limited edition block printed tees, and retrospective artwork that reflects Matthew's evolution as an artist.

This show is augmented with collaborative and personal sculptural furniture work by Devon Pedersen.


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