Field Notes 19 Jesse Guglielmana

Field Notes 19 Jesse Guglielmana

Field Notes 19 Jesse Guglielmana

Jesse Guglielmana and Jack Coleman took a trip deep into the depths of Mainland Mexico to discover some endless right hand point breaks this winter! The timing of this video couldn't be better as we just received a fresh batch of hand shaped surfboards from Jesse and recently posted up his Shovel Fish and Safety Pin to test ride through our demo program, The Daydream Research Center!

If you're unfamiliar with Jesse, make sure to check out what he's been up to. Not only is he an incredibly talented surfer and board builder but he's also a dedicated artist with some creative approaches to adorning vintage garments. Not to mention, this dude can skate! If you're a Daydream regular, you're bound to cross paths with Jesse, his studio and shaping bay is around the corner from Daydream and he's been walking his little dog Tiger over here for years not for his twice a day dose of coffee.

Check out what Jesse has been up to here: Insta / Shop

Cruise by the shop to check out his boards in person. If you live further away, at least check them out online: 9'6" Low Log, 9'4" Safety Pin, 6'9" Dual Twin

And if you want to demo some of his boards, join the Daydream Research Center9'4" Safety Pin demo, 5'6" Shovel Fish demo


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