Field Notes 20

Field Notes 20

Field Notes 20

The early part of winter provided tons of fun surf, now California is rejoicing over some much needed rain which gives us time to reflect back on some of the fun sessions we had. Field Note 20 almost feels like an ode to the "50 Year Swell" days that seem so far away now that we've been rain-locked for a week. I know, I know, folks on the East Coast and most other parts of the world look at California winters as exceptionally mild... I'm seeing photos of our friend Ty Williams surfing in snow with a frozen mustache and it reminds me of just how chill our winters are relative to most places. Either way, cozy up next to a fire and enjoy this little short of the golden days of winter here in Newport Beach. Thanks to Nico Ramos for capturing the beauty!

Want to surf some of the boards in this edit? Check out our demo program, the Daydream Research Center!

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