Field Notes 10: Derrick Disney

Field Notes 10: Derrick Disney

Field Notes 10: Derrick Disney

Field Notes 10: Derrick Disney
Filmed and Edited by Jack Coleman

Visit the Daydream Research Center to demo & learn more about Derrick Disney Surfboards:

5'5" Twinzer Fish

7'11" MIDZR

Derrick Disney has been building surfboards that are alternative in terms of their design yet are crafted for progressive surfing. Recently we've added Derrick to our line up shapers we are proud to be working with to offer folks both new and demo sticks to get their hands on. We started with two really enticing models, Derrick's Twinzer Fish and MIDZR, both boards come with custom templated bamboo fins from 101 Fins. The Twinzer Fish boasts a healthy amount of volume compacted into a small, responsive fish with a really loose feeling that still holds in all the right places. Derrick's MIDZR clocks in at 7'11" but turns like a much smaller board with a narrow, agile outline that allows the board to fit into critical parts of the wave yet enough volume to cruise through softer, mellower surf. Here's Derrick and his crew putting his designs to the test. Cruise by Daydream and give these sleds a go... we really can't think of a wave the MIDZR wouldn't work well in and the Twinzer Fish is great for folks looking to shred.

Research Assistants:
Derrick Disney
Austin Burns
Eric Snortum
Dom Dipetro
Ryan Burch

Filmed and Edited by Jack Coleman

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