Field Notes 09: Elmore + Kris Hall Surfboards

Field Notes 09: Elmore + Kris Hall Surfboards

Visit the Daydream Research Center to demo & learn more about Elmore and Kris Hall surfboards.

Surfing in Southern California's winter is pretty tame, the water doesn't get too cold and we have beautiful sunny days while getting some left over swell from storms that are generated deep on the northern hemisphere of earth, up by Alaska. Troy and I surf together pretty often, we had just a tad more swell than usual so we thought it would be nice to take a nature day and go explore some waves within Orange County. We've both been really stoked on the effortless surfing that eggs, hulls, and medium range volume surfboards provide. We just want to go for a relaxing surf and not feel like we need to push the board to garner speed like you often do on lower volume sleds. Troy loaded up his van with tons of options and he opted to go with his newest model, the Pusher. Kris Hall had just dropped off a couple new surfboards for the Daydream Research Center and I was eager to get his New Speedway Boogie under my feet. In short, we had a blast cruising down the line and linking peaceful turns. Both of these sleds are available to demo through the Daydream Research Center. Next time you're at the shop, give either of them a spin!

Filmed and Edited by Jordan Minardi

Research Assistants:
Troy Elmore
Kyle Kennelly

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