Field Notes 08: Gato Heroi

Field Notes 08: Gato Heroi

Visit the Daydream Research Center to learn more about Gato Heroi's surfboards.

Surfing is full of eccentric characters but few are more interesting than Robin Kegel, founder and shaper behind Gato Heroi. Robin focuses on pushing the boundaries of Transition Era designs with an unrelenting focus on speed. He's known for designing boards that allow people to unlock new possibilities over the course of years; however, that means you have to listen and let Robin take the lead. These boards will show you how to surf differently and how to follow the wave's natural rhythm rather than allowing for you to impart your own style too much. Gato Heroi's let nature take the lead... nature is much smarter than us humans after all.

Filmed & Edited by Jack Coleman

Research Assistants: 
Robin Kegel
Robin Falxa

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