Field Notes 11: Gato Heroi

Field Notes 11: Gato Heroi

Field Notes 11: Gato Heroi

Filmed and Edited by Jack Coleman

Visit the Daydream Research Center to demo & learn more about Gato Heroi Surfboards.

Research Assistants:
Robin Kegel
Robin Falxa

Ah yes, life in the Basque Country with the Robins, Mr. Kegel is the shaper and genius behind Gato Heroi while Mr. Falxa (when he's not busy making art) is a test pilot who helps Kegel perfect Gato Heroi's designs. We follow Kegel into his board building factory where we see dozens of surfboard blanks in shaped polyurethane foam waiting to be encased in fiberglass and resin. These will be some of the last boards that Gato creates that are poly-based. Robin has been hard at work perfecting a way to make surfboards out of more sustainable materials and has found some very successful substitutes that we'll likely be seeing in our shop in the near future. Watch these gents shred up some surf and then cook up a wheel of brie over an open fire to pair with some tasty looking red wine for a post surf dinner of champions.

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