9'7" Gato Heroi Szaber

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Hold onto your seats, the Szaber is an extremely fast and exciting trim machine. This 9'7" wide point center, glider style outline has a pulled in, pointed nose and pin tail that is accentuated by the board being rather narrow overall and thus making the board appear longer. The bottom contour is heavily rolled all the way from the nose to the tail albeit flattens out slightly from the fin down. The Szaber runs thin but and is further exaggerated by the knifey rail foil that's bladed out, the rail is foiled slightly more turned up in the nose, 50/50 in the center, and slightly turned down in the tail. The rocker profile is built for speed, very flat with a little bit of tail rocker to allow this beast to crank some beautiful carves. Don't be scared, this thing flies but it also really likes to be walked around all over and especially digs being surfed heavily off the tail. Power through tiny waves to focus more on dancing around from nose to tail or take this out into some medium or larger sized waves to surf more of the wave and feel the Szaber wrap gracefully through turns.

Want to test drive a Szaber? We have a 10' available to demo through the Daydream Research Center, learn more here.

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