6'4" Andreini MP

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For a brief period of time, these two surfing legends used to live together, Marc Andreini and Michale Peterson (MP)... man, what we'd do to time travel back to those days in surf histoy's Transition Era to hear Andreini and MP discuss the intricacies of surfboard design! It all makes sense when you step foot on Andreini's MP model, it works just like how you'd imagine Michael Peterson's board working in the iconic 1972 surf film, "Morning Of The Earth". This is perhaps the most rippable displacement hull / egg hybrid we've ever ridden. The model glides easily through soft sections and has the ability to turn off the tail remarkably well. Due to it's greater than average amount of nose rocker, this board is able to approach sections and critical parts of the wave with more ease than it's lower-rockered cohorts. In addition, the tail exhibits a spiral vee bottom contour coupled with a more performance oriented, boxxier rail foil to provide a really energetic release through turns. If you're looking for a really shreddy single fin with glide, this is the board.

Come in and give this board a test ride if you're interested in how it may surf! We have a replica you can test ride through our Surf Club, more information on how that works here.

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