Daydream Surf Club

Ride Everything!
As we come out of the dark ages of surfing homogenization and into a new age that favors individuality and open-mindedness, people are encouraged to ride what fits their mental and physical characteristics. However, it can be difficult to know what boards suit your style if you've only tested out a small subset of the vast possibilities that exist. We are excited to offer more folks access to boards they want to test ride and develop an ongoing discussion based on empirical evidence to aid in analyzing what's working, not working, and why. We always encourage our members to keep an open mind and ride everything from gliders, logs, and hulls to thrusters, bonzers, finless boards and everything in between. 
We offer a few ways to get involved outlined below: 

Monthly Unlimited Use Membership $50 - Members of the surf club will receive unlimited access to all surf club boards, reservation priority, and are allowed up to a 3 day holding period. Ongoing files will be kept to document the experimentation process which can also be used in the aid of any custom board ordering you would like to do through Daydream. Members are liable for ding repair costs. Space is limited. 

Single Session Use $20 - This is a walk-in offer intended for folks that are not in the neighborhood who would like to have access to boards from the surf club quiver that are not reserved for the day they are visiting. Boards will need to be returned within 24 hours and Single Session users are liable for any ding repair that occurs.

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