Ryan Lovelace: The Evolution of Ideas

Ryan Lovelace: The Evolution of Ideas

Ryan Lovelace: The Evolution of Ideas

We are jazzed to announce that we'll be hosting Ryan Lovelace here at Daydream on Saturday, November 10th at 7pm for an educational evening revolving around surfboard design theory. Lovelace has developed some really exciting designs since the inception of his shaping career, he'll be highlighting the technical evolution of some of his more adventurous models and discussing the stories behind their iterations. In addition, he'll be discussing the importance of the craft of hand shaping surfboards and how Lovelace's upwardly mobile shaping commune, Trmcraft, is keeping the art alive. 

Speaking of hand shaped surfboards, we'll be raffling off this brand new 5'6" Lovelace Side Cut Fish! Tickets and more information for the raffle can be found here (or pick up a ticket in-store). The lucky winner will be announced Sunday, November 11th.

This event is free and open to the public. As with our other educational events, we will have roughly 80 seats which fill up fast. We recommend arriving early to find a comfortable place to sit or stand for the duration of the discussion. Event details are listed below, if you have any questions feel free to email us at hello@daydreamsurfshop.com.

Address: 1588 Monrovia Ave. (Enter Through Warehouse), Newport Beach, CA 92663

Event Date/Time: Saturday, November 10th 7pm - 10pm(ish),

Raffle Date/Time: Sunday, November 11th. Time TBD

Afterparty: Boathouse Collective 10pm, Address: 1640 Pomona Ave., Costa Mesa, CA, 92627


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