Our First Denmark Based Ceramicist

Our First Denmark Based Ceramicist

Meet Eeli Ethel Polli of Polli Pots, she's a Denmark based ceramicist who comes from a family of multigenerational artists from Estonia. She makes every piece by hand and paints individual designs with her glaze. Here's a glimpse into how Eeli sees her work:

"I like to describe my design style as minimalist, rustic and functional. Inspired by nature and organic in shape. I have lots of ceramics and pottery from a variety of artists, some very rare and hard to find. I place the pottery like small art objects in my living room, book shelves, and bathrooms. These handmade pieces tell a story and my friends who visit are always asking to find and hear about my newest piece. I live in new minimalist house with white walls and these ceramics give my home a rustic, earth-colored aesthetic."

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  • Thank you very much for sharing my ceramics! Have a lovely day!

    Eeli on

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