Field Notes 13: Schroeder Surfboards

Field Notes 13: Schroeder Surfboards

Field Notes 13: Schroeder Surfboards

We open to a scene with Jack and a "Close Minded Surfer" enjoying coffee as they check the waves...

Close Minded Surfer - Oh well, the waves are two feet again... what should we do?
Jack - WAIT! What do you mean? Two foot waves can be awesome!
Close Minded Surfer - How is that possible? I can only have fun on the 10 days out of the year in Southern California when its over head high!
Jack - Have you ever heard of Transition Era inspired longboards?
Close Minded Surfer - No, what's that?
Jack - You see, in 1967 these rad Australian cats stated foiling the rails down of their logs and making them glide fast and effortlessly. The reduced volume also made them whippy and responsive, great for small surf like we see a lot of here.
Close Minded Surfer - But I thought surfing started in the 90's?
Jack - That's ok, a lot of people think that but surfers have been riding waves for over 600 years by some anthropological findings... and maybe even earlier than that!
Close Minded Surfer - No, that's not true, Kelly Slater was the first surfer, look I have his fins in my board so I can surf like he does!
Jack - Nevermind, I'm gonna log out, hope you have a good one.

Surfers/filmers: Jack Ryan Wineke & Zach Schroeder

Stixxx: Jack on a 9'5" Schroeder Pepper Tree, Zach on a 8'9" Schroeder Italian Cypress. Both sleds are available to demo at our shop:

Special Guests: Victoria, Zach's hat, Pelicans, a man describing how sandcrabs work, and of course, everyone's favorite digital zoom from 1999.

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