Field Notes 17: Wedge

Field Notes 17: Wedge

Field Notes 17: Wedge

Newport Beach is home to some exotic tubes! However, there's nothing more exotic than the tubes at the Wedge. A wave who's reputation speaks for itself, the Wedge gives us a glimpse back into Newport Beach's long standing surf history. We've traveled all over the world and we have never found a wave quite like the Wedge; needless to say, we are very lucky and fortunate that this wave lurks in our home town. We're also fortunate that The Wedge Crew (some members featured in this edit) acts as overseers and preservationists of this beautifully unique wave. They set examples of how this wave needs to be bodysurfed and hold the value of safety above all. Here's a short glimpse into life at Newport Beach's Wedge.

Filmed and edited by Jordan Minardi

Wompers include:

Noah Rodgers 

Wedge Mel 

Sean Starky 


Tim Burnham 


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