Field Notes 16mm

Field Notes 16mm

Field Notes 16mm: Knost, Noble, Hall, Blue, Guy

Blackie's has long produced some of the most unique log stylists of Newport Beach and California in general. Both the waves and the lot act as a melting pot hub for the legends and grommets that call it home. It’s the kind of place where you might get the odd camera tip from Gregg Weaver or catch a glimpse of some of your favorite surfers riding their new hand shapes.

For Field Notes 16, we hopped in the truck and met the homies down at Blackie's with an unmodified Bolex to test shoot some rolls of 16mm. Featuring surfing by Alex Knost, Grant Noble, Kris Hall, TJ Blue and Robert Guy.

16mm Cinematography & Edit: Dana Shaw
Motion Picture Film Scans: Origins Archival
Music: “Appeal” - Seventies Toobride


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