Field Notes 05

Field Notes 05

Field Notes 05

Welcome to our fifth Field Notes featuring footage from our last surfboard demo with Gato Heroi and Deepest Reaches. While the waves weren't the greatest, we had an awesome time playing around with thirty plus boards hand shaped by Robin Kegel of Gato Heroi and Kyle Albers of Deepest Reaches. A slew of shredders joined us on this day to wield a blade of discovery. A special thanks to Bradford Walters for bringing down a school bus full of Gato's as well as being the director of the musical jam session that we ended up using for this edit. Also, thank you to Summerland, Mary Joe, and Old Pal for all the goodies one could ever hope for. Lastly, thanks everyone who made it out for the demo, we hope you had a great time and enjoyed talking to the shapers of the boards that were available to demo. We look forward to hosting many more demos in the future! See you next time. 

Music by Bradford Walters and Friends
Filmed and edited by Jack Coleman
Photograph by Jordan Minardi

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