Field Notes 04

Field Notes 04

Field Notes 04

Welcome to episode four of our short film series, Field Notes, where we get to see some of the sleds, shapers, and shredders that we work with at the Daydream Research Center in action. In this video, we're excited to share with you some great surfing by a talented friend of the shop Ari Browne starring as our Australian Research Assistant. Browne is a very talented young surfer who displays his diverse talents well in this video as he trades off between two very different surf crafts by folks we work closely with at the Daydream Research Center - Ryan Lovelace and Liddle Surfboards.

Browne starts the film off on his 5'6" Lovelace Rabbits Foot which is a high performance, asymmetrical, finless marvel that allows him to slide virtually friction free without any drag from a fin. Finless boards can be challenging for some but not for Browne, he displays a cunning agility and is able to plot his course across the wave while balancing flowing turns in critical sections of the face.

The final board in the short is one near and dear to the Daydream Research Center, a 7'0" Liddle Point Breaker. Check out our recent Case Study we did on Greg Liddle Surfboards for a deeper dive behind these beautiful pieces of functional art. Long story short, these boards are all about speed and trim. Browne knows right where to set his rail to deliver that lovely effortless trim we all know and love about Liddle Surfboards. 

A special thank you to Jack Coleman for making the trip down to Australia and capturing such stylish surfing from one of our favorite Australian shredders who's one of the front runners of finless shredding not to mention an all around great, friendly character. Lastly, thank you to Ryan Lovelace for shaping such interesting crafts that break the mold of what surfboards should be as well as the crew behind Liddle Surfboards - Kirk Putnam and Scott Anderson - for carrying on the incredible work that Greg Liddle developed. 

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