Case Study 01 Marc Andreini

Case Study 01 Marc Andreini

Case Study 01 Marc Andreini

Welcome to our first Podcast! This series is known as our Case Study Series where we take a deeper dive into the knowledge holders of the Daydream Research Center. The first shaper we felt would be important to talk with is Marc Andreini. Andreini is one of the great board building mentors of our time, he has been shaping for over 40 years and brings with him a wealth of information that he humbly shares with up and coming surfers and shapers as well as established ones. 

Below is a short video that documents the time we spent with Andreini. We met up for a surf up by his house a little south of San Francisco then went back to his pad to check out his shaping bay, archive of boards & fins, as well as his day to day lifestyle. We all hung out and talked as Andreini shared stories that revolved around two very important subjects to the Daydream Research Center: surf history and board design. 

Listen to the Podcast Here

Below is a brief outline of the podcast:
0:00 Intro
1:00 Going Surfing with Marc: The McVee, Edge Bottoms, Rolled Bottom Contours, and Power Blade Fins
7:30 Back at Marc's House: Fins and Surfboard Design Through the Transition Era 
15:15 Surfing in the 70's
19:20 Surfboard Design: Hydrodynamics + Trial and Error
25:25 Whats in Andreini's Shaping Bay: Dave Rastavitch's Edge Gun, Greenough's Templates, Greg Liddle's Planer
35:50 Marc's New Book: The Gift 
40:05 Fin Progression from Tom Blake and George Greenough to Modern Day Thrusters
53:40 Final Thoughts on Board Building

 A special thank you to Michael Cukr for filming, editing, and directing as well as Marc Andreini for being such a talented and down to earth surfer, shaper, and business person. 

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