1/11 Sound Bath Celebration

1/11 Sound Bath Celebration

1/11 Sound Bath Celebration

We are so excited to host our second 1/11 Anniversary sound bath courtesy of the Gong Avatar Academy of Costa Mesa! Come immerse yourself in a deeply relaxing bath of planetary gongs as the frequencies allow you to drift off into a peaceful, meditative state. Please bring some cozy clothing like warm pants, sweaters, beanies, gloves, and a blanket, it can get relatively cold in our warehouse this time of year. Other essential items include a mat and positive vibes. You may also bring a pillow if that's your style. The sound bath will start at 7pm so please arrive early to get a comfortable spot, it may be close quarters like it has been for past sound baths. We are asking for an $11 offering to go entirely to the Gong Avatar Academy and all the great healing work they provide to citizens near and far. They will also be bringing cookies and snacks as well as tea for after the sound bath. We hope to see you there!

Sound Bath Starts at 7pm

$11 Offering to the Gong Avatar Academy

Daydream (Enter Through Warehouse): 1588 Monrovia Ave, Newport Beach, CA 92663 

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