April 20th San O Demo: Great Job

April 20th San O Demo: Great Job

Well done everyone! Between Deepest Reaches, Dash, and Tyler Warren, we must've had over two dozen sleds for folks to test out! Although there was a little wind adding texture in the early part of the day, the flow backed off towards the evening and the conditions cleaned up nicely. The wind didn't seem to matter, everyone was having a blast running out with one board, catching several waves, and coming in to swap boards before hustling back out into the line up. It was awesome to see such a large turnout for a weekday, there were so many good surfers, every time I looked out at the waves I saw someone doing something groovy. A special thanks to everyone else who helped out from grilling tacos, to bringing beverages, and Summerland Ceramics for letting us spend some quality time in their van. We should do this again sometime soon!

Photographs by Jordan Minardi

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