April 20th Demo Day at San O

April 20th Demo Day at San O

What is the best thing one could do on a day such as April 20th? A day known by many to celebrate a special plant that is known internationally for it's relaxing, medicinal, and psychoactive powers. We couldn't think of a better way to celebrate than getting together with our creative and crafty friends to share the beautiful goods they create including surfboards, refreshments, snacks, and of course ceramic bongs.

Join us this Friday, April 20th for a demo day at San O! Our buds Dash Surfboards, Deepest Reaches, and Tyler Warren will be down at the beach with new demo sleds to test out along with Mary Joe who will be giving out CBD infused cold brews, and Summerland Ceramics who will be providing a special surprise demo of their very own. Thanks to Paradiso Gardens for providing the essentials for such a great day and Schuyler Beecroft for yet another perfect poster! We'll be posted up at Old Mans from 11am-Sunset. Hope to see you cats there!

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