Staircase photo, 2017. 35mm archival C-print vacuum mounted on aluminum. 65” L x 43 1/2” H x 2 1/25”

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Alex Knost has been experimenting in surfing's subculture for almost two decades through a wide range of artistic mediums. Surfer Magazine called Knost "unlike any other surfer in the world", drawing from 60's and 70's technique for his poised, imaginative, eccentric form. Much like his surfing, Knost's eccentric techniques disregard the standardized single-medium approach to art production. In 2012 Alex founded his own surfboard label Brown Microwave Television, experimenting with outdated or disregarded design. He has recorded and toured with Japanese Motors, Tomorrows Tulips and currently plays in seventies tuberide. In 2015 he debuted Glitterbust, formed with Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth. In 2016 Alex co-founded the Costa Mesa Conceptual Art Center with Daniella Murphy. He has traveled internationally creating and exhibiting various bodies of work in the form of paintings, films, photography, sculpture and music. Most recently Knost has exhibited at China Heights (Sydney), Acne Studios (Stockholm, Tokyo), La Maison Marienia (Guethary, France), and 303 gallery (NYC).


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