Nineplus Ladies Catsuit - 3/2mm

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Size Medium Tall

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This is the iconic ladies 'Catsuit' in 3/2mm. Nineplus ought to be credited with bringing a women's front zip smoothie into the market in the early 2000's. Something that had only been available to mens suits in the 70's. The front zip flatters the female body while making entry and exit a breeze. This suit is one of the most comfortable full-suits for women. Features a drain hole at the bottom of the front zip, neoprene elbow patch to minimize wear, ankle zips for quick and hassle-free entry and exit. The smooth-skin limestone neoprene blocks wind like a magician and harnesses every ray of sunlight to warm your core. With that comes a bit of necessary care when handling the suit. It is more puncture prone so practice patience before and after you surf. The waves aren't going anywhere. 

A quick note: Nineplus suits run smaller than your typical US brand. Check out the size chart to make sure you get the right fit. Nineplus wetsuits are not compression suits and should not be worn too tightly as extra stress on the material will shorten its lifespan. 

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