Jeff Divine Show Poster

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Limited edition poster designed by Schuyler Beecroft for a recent event, Jeff Divine: Cultural Observations From Surf History, a photography slideshow featuring Divine's archive. 

With one of the largest surf photography archives in existence, Divine's talents have been touted in art galleries, museums, cultural institutions, and publications world wide. Divine joined Surfer Magazine's staff in 1971 and for the next 35 years Divine held editorial positions at Surfer Magazine and The Surfer's Journal, traveling the world documenting diverse surfing experiences from international competitions to undiscovered surfing locations. From Divine's observations of the evolving surf culture, we learn about contemporary surfing's short history and watch as it's slides from a free-loving recreation into a multibillion dollar commercial industry. His first hand experiences behind the lens provide contextual backdrops to the cultural underpinnings that lie beneath the surface in an effort to more deeply understand the causes behind surfings twists and turns.

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