Gato Heroi Mens Short Sleeve Spring Suit

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Gato Heroi made limited edition wetsuits with tastefully low key black logos on these beautiful, all black, smoothie wetsuits just for Daydream! Each suit was hand made in Japan out of the finest quality neoprene. Gato Heroi's wetsuits have been dialed in over the course of years through limited runs and wetsuits made for team riders. The objective is simple, to make minimalist, design forward wetsuits with custom paneling that promotes a healthy, upright posture. These wetsuits cut out all the frills of heavy duty glued seams, fuzzy warming panels, and excessive back or neck flaps. Instead, there's a heavy focus on high quality materials, careful sewing and craftsmanship, and maintaining a light weight wetsuit that feels like a dolphin superhero uniform.

This short sleeve Spring suit is the perfect 2mm thick, warm water substitute for the boardshorts and top combo... If you're tired of nipple, armpit, stomach, or leg rash, this set up is your golden ticket to rashless summer sessions.

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