6'4" Somma Special Designs Daydream Hull

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Shea Somma cooked up the Daydream Hull specifically for our shop and designed it with the punchy beachbreaks nearby specifically in mind. He grew up surfing Newport and has amazing memories of the wedging turquoise peaks it can produce. 

The Daydream Hull is an Andreini-style displacement hull, Marc Andreini designs his for the often chunky and unpredictable beachbreaks and reefs of Northern California. These hulls are generally much more user friendly and approachable than their thinly foiled cousins tuned up for the perfectly tapered pointbreaks of Southern California. The beachbreaks of Newport often have an OB-writ-small vibe to them, so the Andreini approach is great fit for the area.

The bottom contour is a blended tri-plane entry fading into panel vee ahead of and around the fin, transitioning to flat behind the fin. The rails are turned up in the nose, 50/50 through the center, and flipped down with a tucked edge through the tail. Plenty of foam is kept in the rails to combat the "sticky" feeling that many hulls have, which can make them such tricky boards to ride for those not accustomed to the "on-rail" approach these boards crave.

The Daydream Hull is a wave catching machine that generates instant speed and will make nearly any section beatable with a simple high-line approach. The rolled bottom contours keep it moving rail to rail easily but the thicker rail keeps transitioning into and out of turns easy and intuitive. It's the hull of choice for those surfing less than perfect waves, or anyone new to hulls in general and it's likely to keep you smiling and coming back for more session after session!

*Fin not included

Looking to test out one of Shea Somma's Daydream Hulls? We have one available for members of the Daydream Research Center to test out here

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