9'7" Elmore Hot Dog

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9'7" x 23" x 3"

Troy Elmore is a local shredder who lives and shapes in Costa Mesa. He's one of those kind of guys that can rip a diverse lineup of surfboards - logs, bonzers, fishes and everything in between. Troy's talents in the water correlate with his talents on land especially when it comes to shaping, he's known for hand shaping quality surf crafts across a spectrum of different designs. 

The Hot Dog is a newer model that we are beyond stoked to welcome to our racks! We consider it more of a proper "log" or noserider if you will. It has a more parallel outline than Troy's Sam's Club. The nose, while still slightly pulled in, is left much wider, creating a perching platform that sits high in the pocket. The rails are rather knifey, but left just full enough to forgive when needed. The bottom contours of the Hot Dog are subtle yet functional: single concave entry to rolled through the middle third, and a slight rolled vee exit. The rocker follows a minimal yet balanced curve: virtually flat with only a slight flip in the tail.

*No Fin Included

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