9'6" Liddle L-Spoon

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9'6" (Fin Included)

Greg Liddle's L-Spoon is heavily influenced by the Yater Spoon yet slimmed down and more foiled in traditional Liddle fashion. The outline of the L-Spoon has the wide point set slightly lower than center with a pulled in nose and a moderately narrow squash tail that gives the outline a nice amount of curvature towards the bottom half. This convex bottom log has a rolled bottom all the way through the board with the contour flattening out towards the tail. The rails are knifey, foiled thin even though there is a good amount of thickness hidden in the middle of the board. These rails are soft all the way throughout the board with no trailing edge. The nose rocker is pretty flat although the rolled bottom contour builds in some unexpected lift while the tail has a little more rocker pushed further back towards the last third of the board. This log is lightening fast and has more stability forward than you'd expect with a board that has such a deeply rolled bottom contour towards the nose. In addition, the L-Spoon rolls over onto its rail very gracefully for banking sweeping turns. This is a great all-around log for all types of waves but can really get going on faster lined up sections.

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