9'6" Jesse Guglielmana Low Log

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Jesse Guglielmana is a local shredder/shaper who has more recently come onto the shaping scene. He crafts traditionally-inspired surfboards with modern curves that allow for high performance surfing on relatively traditional lines. Jesse absolutely rips anything from a skateboard to fish to a log, not to mention he's an incredibly talented artist and clothing designer too.

Jesse's Low Log is a really unique diamond tail noserider. It has a pulled back wide point, a relatively wide tail, and a pulled in and slightly pointed nose. The rails are rather foiled but are still full enough to forgive in sticky parts of the wave. On the bottom Jesse placed a nice blended nose concave that transitions into a really subtle rolled exit. The Low Log is basically flat, with a nice subtle curve throughout. Among our first batch of boards from Jesse, this particular Low Log features some of Jesse's art on both the bottom and deck. 

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