9'6" Gato Heroi Playdate

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The Gato Heroi Playdate is one of their most versatile models that can be surfed by folks coming from a wide range of skill levels in a wide variety of conditions. The outline is inspired by transition era logs with the wide point set back and a slightly pulled in nose and tail. The bottom contour is completely convex starting with a light roll in the nose that transitions into a deeper belly before flattening back out as it approaches the tail. Although the rails are knifey and foiled, relative to other Gato Heroi models this foil is tame giving the board more volume. The Playdate has a low rocker profile with both the nose and tail rockers blend subtly throughout the board. This specific Playdate has a one inch thick balsa stringer, a light and flexible wood. This is an ideal one log quiver type of board, it'll glide effortlessly through small, soft waves and will really engage on those ideal loggin days.

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