9'6" Gato Heroi Death Dagger

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Hand shaped by Robin Kegel in his last batch of Gato Heroi's shaped before leaving California for 2018. The OG Gato Heroi Blackies model dialed in originally by Kegel and Alex Knost back in the day. The Death Dagger outline is a trip! Pointed Dagger nose gives an optical illusion of a remarkably narrow nose although the nose width is rather cozy about a foot in from the tip, this transitions into a parallel speed driven outline that curves into an equally narrow squash tail that, again, gives the illusion of a super narrow tail width although the actual tail width about a foot from the tail is wider than you'd expect. Forgiving rail foil, rolled bottom contour, and a healthy, forward pushed nose rocker that transitions into a low, elongated tail rocker. Stab this Dagger into some punchy beach break junk for nose play that'll hold in steeper sections or get on the tail to slash. 

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