9'5" Tanner Dash

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Tanner Prairie is a local Costa Mesa based board builder who knows how to shape incredibly fun boards for Orange County surf. Tanner is a well respected craftsman and extremely talented surfer. Drawing inspiration from surfing and board design from the late 1950's to early 1960's, this "Malibu Chip" influenced pig known as Tanner's Dash model is a period correct reflection of surfing's fun-loving era where boards trimmed fast and brief nose rides were accomplished with speed and agility. Riding Tanner's Dash is like stepping back into time, into your favorite photograph by Leroy Grannis or Ron Stoner, a chance to channel your inner Dora. This hand shaped Dash comes equipped with a custom wooden glassed on Joe Quigg Speed Fin, a dazzling, customized 2" balsa stringer, a weight that is heavy yet balanced, and bottom contours that take on a simplified flat/slightly rolled convexity. 

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