9'4" Jesse Guglielmana Safety Pin

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Jesse Guglielmana is a local shredder/shaper who has more recently come onto the shaping scene. He crafts traditionally-inspired surfboards with modern curves that allow for high performance surfing on relatively traditional lines. Jesse absolutely rips anything from a skateboard to fish to a log, not to mention he's an incredibly talented artist and clothing designer too.

The Safety Pin is a great all-around log that excels in a variety of conditions. The outline is a bit hipped, with a slightly pulled in nose and a proper pin tail. The rails are pretty foiled but by no means extreme. The bottom contour enters with the slightest touch of nose concave that extends through less than the front third, where it blends into a gentle roll, and a minimal vee out the tail. The rocker profile is pretty flat, with a subtle natural curve throughout.

*Fin Not Included

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