9'4" Fineline Son Of Sam

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9'4" x 23 3/8" x 3 1/8"

The Fineline Son Of Sam (SOS) is hand shaped by Brian Hilbers and based off of Nat Young's Magic Sam that won him the 1966 World Surfing Championship title. Surf historians often say that this board is responsible for beginning surfing's Transition Era that spanned from roughly 1967 - 1969 where the mainstream surfboard change dramatically to allow surfers to surf in more critical sections of the wave, in and around the pocket. 

This is a highly refined, low volume longboard with a narrow and parallel outline complemented by a moderately narrow nose and squash tail. The rail foil is very knifey with a good amount of foam in the middle of the board and really thinned out rails and a tucked edge towards the tail. From nose to tail the bottom contour is rolled for maximum convex effects. The rocker profile is subtle and well blended with a slightly flatter nose and a little more kick in the tail. The SOS is glassed light and has a three quarter volan deck patch. This style of board fits so many different styles of waves and riders, great for gliding effortlessly through soft surf or flying down the line at high speeds in punchy stuff. It's also an ideal amount of foam for small cats or those who want a log but are intimidated but the cumbersome amount of volume some longboards possess. 

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