9'4" Elmore Sam's Club

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9'4" x 22 3/4" x 2 7/8"

Troy Elmore's Sam's Club is his rendition of Nat Young's infamous "Magic Sam," the famous board that is responsible for an accelerated evolution of board design that changed the way surfers approached waves from 1966 onward. Elmore's Sam's Club is the perfect all-around log with a "Sam-style" outline with a slightly pulled in nose and tail block yet a nice middle width. Elmore blends in a gentle nose concave that transcends into a gentle roll through the middle and out the tail allowing for a multifaceted longboard that turns well off the tail and provides stability on the nose. Elmore goes with a round, forgiving, 50/50 rail foil giving the model an solid amount of volume all the way through. This is a versatile log that works great regardless of the style of wave you surf consistently (beach, point, reef, etc.)

*No Fin Included

Looking to test out one of Elmore's Sam's Club? We have a 9'4" available fore members of our Research Center to test out here.

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