9'3" Nick Melanson Thumb Tail

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9'3" x 22 3/4" x 2 3/4"

Nick Melanson is an up and coming shredder out of the southern region of Orange County. Nick rips as hard as anyone on longboards, fishes, and anything in between. He is just as skilled in the shaping room as he is in the water, creating refined and functional boards that excel in the waves of OC. He has recently begun making boards for the public, and we are beyond stoked to welcome him to our racks! 

This thumb tail longboard from Nick features a pulled back wide point that lends to a nice hipped curve behind center, with a pulled in, stubby nose and rounded thumb tail. Nick has foiled down the rails nicely, creating a knifey edge that slices through water with ease without sacrificing functionality. The bottom of this transition-style log is bellied throughout the back two-thirds, with a well blended touch of nose concave. Rocker is pretty minimal, making this a wicked fast, yet stable option for the many loggin waves that can be found in the area.

*No Fin Included

Looking to test out one of Nick's Thumb Tails? We have one available for members of the Daydream Research Center to test out here.

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