9'2" Kris Hall Jazz Pin

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Kris Hall is an extremely talented, young, surfer and shaper who has been showing some pretty incredible talents in both fields. Based out of Los Angeles's South Bay, Hall has designed a log for a diverse spectrum of waves as an all around dynamic log. With a pulled in nose and the wide point set back, the Jazz Pin's outline exhibits a classic transition era influenced outline. The bottom contours start flat towards the nose and grow increasingly rolled out the tail. The rail foil starts turned up in the nose, transitions to a more 60/40, slightly turned up rail foil towards the middle, the lifts back up to mirror the tail with the nose if not slightly more turned up in the tail. The convex bottom allows for zippy, effortless glide, and rolls turns off the tail really well while the turned up rails in the tail hold water and help to stabilize noserides for a well rounded ride from nose to tail.

*No Fin Included

Looking to test out one of Kris Hall's Jazz Pins? We have a 9'6" available for members of our Research Center to test out here.

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