9'2" Gato Heroi Playboy '67 Vee Bottom

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Robin Kegel of Gato Heroi is the genius board builder that developed what we consider to be the king pin of high-speed logs, The Playboy. Seriously, face meltingly fast! Flat rocker profile, very knifey rail foil, exaggerated hips set back from center, and a pulled in nose. This blend of wild attributes makes the entire package look so seamless. Flip over the Playboy to check out the even more radical bottom contour, a deep, panel vee bottom that runs down about three quarters of the board, reaching its apexes about two feet in front of the fin before rolling back out towards the tail. Nose to tail, the Playboy is meant for you to dance around every square inch with agility, sensitivity, and power. You can see the major influence that Transition Era boards of 1966/67 had on Kegel with this model, we'll let the heavy hitters of the Transition Era show you how this board should be surfed, specifically in the below compilation from the beginning to 2:05mins. 

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