9'10" Tanner Baby

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9'10" x 22" x 3"

Tanner Prairie is a local Costa Mesa based board builder who knows how to shape incredibly fun boards for Orange County surf. Tanner is a well respected craftsman and extremely talented surfer. Drawing inspiration from surfing and board design from the late 1950's to early 1960's , The Baby is one of our favorite models from Tanner that really captures the essence of what surfing was before the Transition Era. The Baby's outline is quite parallel with a pulled in nose tapering back to a wider square tail. The rails are on the softer side and the bottom contour is relatively flat the entire length of the board. The Baby has minimal rocker which gives it an incredible sense of speed and drive down the line. Quick, agile, and timeless, there's no wonder why it was Phil Edwards' Baby.

*Fin not included

Looking to test out one of Tanner's Babies? We have one available for members of the Daydream Research Center here.

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