8'9" Schroeder Italian Cypress

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Hailing from North County San Diego, Zachariah Schroeder is a young, yet skilled shredder/shaper. Frequenting the many reefs and beach breaks of the area, Zach creates boards that are inspired by the past, but are very functional today in all different kinds of waves. 

The Italian Cypress is a speed shape that is meant to bridge the gap between longboards and midlengths. With a rather narrow and somewhat pointy outline with the wide point at center, the Italian Cypress excels in speedy, lined up waves, but can also be surfed in small mushy breaks. The rails are pretty foiled, but left just full enough to make a pretty forgiving yet extremely trimmy rail. There is also a nice hard edge tucked in the rounded pin tail, creating control through turns while also maintaining speed. The bottom features a slightly bellied entry that transitions into a mellow double concave in front of the fin, and finally a slight vee out the tail. The Italian Cypress is basically flat, with only the slightest flip in the nose. This board locks into trim at high speeds, but is also very responsive and whippy from the tail. 

*Fin Not Included

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