8'9" Gato Heroi R. Surfar

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8'9" x NARROW x THIN

Epic Gato blade hand shaped by Robin Kegel, the R in R Surfar dictates that this model is shaped as if it were made to Kegel's specifications and generally run thinner, narrower, and exhibit more exaggerated bottom contours than it's cohort, the Surfar model. The R Surfar blank is also custom ordered as a triple stringer unlike the Surfar which has a standard stringer. This model is built to trim as fast as humanly possible and was perfected by Robin on the ultra fast point breaks of Morocco in Fall '16. Get on the tail and gracefully throw this loose, low volume log into an arching carve; plot your trim line and dance your way into the fastest nose ride of your life; shimmy back to center and lean into a drawn out bottom turn; repeat! 

Triple stringer, clear, sanded, volan, glass on, no leash.

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