8'8" Jive Fun Zone

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8'8" x 22 1/4" x 3"

Jacob Ells is a Santa Barbara based shaper who is always looking to push the boundaries of alternative boards. His Fun Zone model has a pointy, pulled in nose with the wide point roughly centered that tapers down to a rounded squash tail. The rail foil is forgiving and voluminous with a tucked trailing edge out the tail. The bottom contour exhibits a dramatic triplane hull that's almost comparable to a subtle edge bottom contour that runs just about the entire length of the board before tapering out in line with the side bites. Within the triplane hull is a light single barrel concave that transitions to a light double barrel concave towards the tail. The rocker lis low and blended smoothly from nose to tail. This sled is one of our rare gloss and polish sleds and contains an abstract splash of color as an abstract resin tint. 

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