8'4" Andreini McVee

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Marc Andreini is one of California's most seasoned veteran board builders who was shaping and shredding during surfing's Transition Era and still continues to shape and shred boards derived from this significant period in surf history. The McVee is the Marc's take on the Vee bottoms that were being made by Bob Mctavish just before the shortboard revolution. Ride the McVee in the same conditions you would ride a longboard in, but tap into a whole other realm of speed and flow. The outline is on the fuller side with the wide point found in the hips of the board and tapering through the nose. The rails have a gentle foil throughout the board and the rocker is subtle and balanced. The bottom contour starts with a generous amount of roll in the nose and transitions into a vee before the fin box and flattens out afterwards. 

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