8'0" Tanner Scout

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8'0" x 21 1/2" x 2 3/4"

Tanner Prairie is a local Costa Mesa based board builder who knows how to shape incredibly fun boards for Orange County surf. Tanner is a well respected craftsman and extremely talented surfer. This version of his Scout model is scaled down to fit into tighter, faster waves. The outline of the Scout has the wide point fore, well above center with a pulled in, pointed nose and pulled in pintail. The rails are well foiled at 60/40 making this board nimble on rail. On the bottom, Tanner has placed a bellied entry that flows into a single to double concave, with a bit of vee out the tail to aid in rail to rail transitions. Rocker is pretty minimal, but does feature a slight flip in the nose.  

Looking to test out one of Tanner's Scouts? We have one available for members of the Daydream Research Center here.

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